Kaity Goodwin ’18 5

Kaity Goodwin ’18

Billerica, Mass.

Kaity Goodwin ’18 3


Dining hall food: Tomato-basil-mozzarella melts
Way to spend time: Walking to Starbucks with friends, or graphic designing
Book: The Secret Life of Bees, Sue Monk Kid; The Hunger Games series, Suzanne Collins
Place to be alone on campus: The SHAC
Place to be with friends: The upper Stu-Fac
Hobby: Softball and art
CA tradition: Coffee House
Thing about CA: The people/community

Academic interests

Math, science, and visual arts

Student leadership, clubs, and affinity groups

Tour Guiding Club, community service

Arts and athletics

Field hockey, softball, theater tech, design


Why did you decide to come to CA?

When I was in the process of looking at schools, I was looking at the variety of classes and activities that the school had to offer. I’m a person that has many interests in many different areas, and CA presented a wide variety that suited my passions.

What’s your favorite thing about CA?

Common trust is one of my favorite things about CA, because it shows the strength and character of the community. When I first arrived at CA, I was a little leery about leaving my laptop and phone in my backpack when going to Chapel or to lunch, but I soon discovered that everyone did it and that everyone believed in one another.

Who or what at CA has most inspired you intellectually?

Freshman Biology taught me how to think deeper and analyze facts. My teacher was a lot of fun, in addition to knowing a lot and engaging the entire class in the subject. She would assign us applied questions that made us use our knowledge from the different areas that we were studying, not just the current material. This made me think more outside the box about how to gather multiple pieces of information to solve a problem.

What new opportunities have you found at CA?Kaity Goodwin ’18 2

CA gives me a creative environment that allows me to experiment with my thoughts, ideas, and opinions. I’m really interested in graphic design, and I’ve volunteered to create many T-shirts for different organizations and events. I love the enthusiasm that is put into each class by both the teachers and the students. CA has a multitude of classes that cater to diverse skill sets. CA has taught me how to think both linearly and conceptually. I think I’ve learned a lot intellectually, but also socially. I’ve become more responsible for myself in my work and I try to hold myself to a high standard.

Have you taken part in performances?

I was able to find a spot on the tech crew of the musical this past year, working on the soundboard. This was a new experience to me, because I had usually been onstage rather than backstage. I had a great time getting to know the equipment and I caught on really quickly! I was able to spend time with my theater friends, since we were in rehearsal until late at night. I think also think that it’s important for the actors/actresses to spend a little time backstage so that we can be appreciative of all the hard work that the crew does, and I think that this experience opened me up to new skills as well.

Which athletic experience have you enjoyed most at CA?

I thoroughly enjoyed playing on the CA softball team. The team was a very cohesive unit and we had a great time in practices, playing together in games, and partying on the bus to and from away games. As a freshman, I was the starting pitcher on the team. This was a challenging but rewarding experience for me. The softball team was very tight-knit and we got along really well. We had a few team dinners in the Stu-Fac, and an end-of-season pizza party at our captain’s house. The coaches made sure that all of my concerns were met and they always influenced me to play my best, but most importantly have fun.